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by Terry Strong

On-On-One Survival Swim Lessons For Children Age 6-Months to 6 Years.
Teaching Children To Save Themselves From Drowning
Since 2007.


About Terry

Hi, I'm Terry Strong... or "Mr. Terry" as all my students and their families like to call me.

Years ago, my best friend suffered the devastating loss of his son to drowning.  Seeing how easy it was for a child to end up alone in the water, I immediately put my own children through survival swim lessons, and then went on to become an instructor myself when I retired from my career in law enforcement.


Why Teach Your Child To Save Themself?

According to the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of accidental death for infants and young children ages 1-4.

Your child deserves to have an advantage over chance and the unexpected.

You and your family deserve the added protection of a child who can respond and react in a highly dangerous and life-threatening situation.

Your Child Needs To Learn Basic Life-Saving Water Safety Skills 

If You Are Ready To Enroll Your Child, Mr. Terry Is Ready To Help You


Years of Teaching Experience


Students Taught


Success Rate

What Parents Are Saying...

"Terry Strong, thanks so much for teaching "P" how to survive in the water!! It was the coolest thing to see her journey make it to this!! I'm so relieved and happy we did this for our girl. Thanks for doing what you do! We truly appreciate you!..."

- A. Vessels


Lessons are conducted in 10-minute sessions 5 days a week.


Each lesson is structured for your child specifically and the program is designed to move most children through to completion in 4 to 6 weeks. 

Every child is different, therefore no two children will have the exact same experience with their lessons. As your instructor, I carefully observe your child's abilities and progress and adjust each lesson to meet them where they are. 


Children all react differently to the experience, but it is common for children to cry, fuss, and even ask to get out of the pool. It is important that you trust the process and allow your child to grow through the experience.  



The first step in getting started is to complete the registration form here on the website.  Once registered, someone from my team will follow up with a phone call or email to schedule your child's lessons. 


Preparing For Lessons

It is important to read the materials that detail the proper towels, clothes, and swim diapers that your child will need.  It is important to arrive early enough to the pool to allow yourself time to have your child ready to enter the water at the assigned time.  Lessons are 10 minutes long and you will likely have other students scheduled right before and right after you. Keeping everyone on schedule is very important.



Payment for the week is due at the first lesson of the week in the form of cash or check. I will likely be already in the pool when you and your child arrive but you will be able to leave your payment poolside. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding payments.

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