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"Turning Tragedy Into A Mission To Teach Children To Swim And Save Themselves."


Meet Mr. Terry

"Turning Tragedy Into A Mission To Teach Children To Swim And Save Themselves."

Hi, my name is Terry Strong, or "Mr. Terry" as my students and their families call me.

For the past 18 years, I have dedicated my life to serving our community teaching children how to swim and save themselves. 

I have individually worked with over 4000 children and families.

Prior to becoming an instructor, I served our community for 25 years as a law enforcement officer where I saw that tragedy can, and does, strike at any time.

The tragedy I saw in my law enforcement career was nothing compared to the loss and devastation I witnessed when my best friend lost his son to drowning.


Seeing how easy it was for a child to end up alone in the water, I was prompted to put my own children through swim lessons and later I had the opportunity to become an instructor. 

I didn't realize how dangerous it was to introduce a child to water before they learned how to save themselves in an unexpected water encounter.


Once your child completes my course, they will have the necessary survival skills to safely and confidently enjoy the water. 


My role as a swim instructor is to prevent any family from ever experiencing the loss of a child to drowning again and my mission is that not one more child ever drowns.


After a few short weeks of swim lessons, you will DRASTICALLY REDUCE the odds of experiencing the tragic loss of your child from drowning.  

But always remember, even children who have had swim lessons still require close and constant supervision in and around the water.

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